Clostridium difficile often called C. difficile or C. diff, is a bacterium that can cause symptoms ranging from diarrhea to life-threatening inflammation of the colon.

Clostridium difficile is most common in older adults, generally after use of antibiotic medications. However recent studies have shown an increasing rate of C. difficile infection among young people.

Each year in the United States, about a half million people get sick from C. difficile, and in recent years, C. difficile infections have become more frequent, severe and difficult to treat1.

If you suffer from clostridium difficile or are at risk for getting C. diff, you may qualify for a research study assessing the safety and efficacy of an investigational treatment for this condition or an investigational vaccine to prevent getting C. diff.

Qualified participants will be compensated for time and travel. Study medications/vaccines and study related care are provided at no cost, without the need for health insurance. 

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