Is your chronic pain keeping you on the sidelines?

Chronic pain is a condition known all too well by many Americans, one study reported that roughly 33% of adult visits to primary care providers were related to chronic pain. Unmanaged chronic pain can lead to disability and unemployment, but balancing pain management with treatment associated risks, side effects, and dependence can be extremely difficult. The result is often suboptimal pain management. The medical community is aware of this problem and researchers are continually working on new therapies to alleviate pain while reducing potential harmful side effects associated with treatment.

If you suffer from chronic pain you may qualify to participate in a research study evaluating the efficacy and safety of an investigational drug to manage your pain.

Qualified participants will be compensated for time and travel. Study medications and study related care are provided at no cost, without the need for health insurance.

If you’re ready take action and help those who suffer from chronic pain just like you, take a moment to volunteer by filling out the form below. Do your part and help advance medical research.

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