Results driven studies

We have a database of over 300,000 volunteers to contact for studies. The health and safety of our study participants is our first priority, while also generating the highest quality and volume of data for study sponsors.

  • 100% of visits reviewed by internal quality control team
  • Data entry completed within 72 hrs—48 hrs for vaccines
  • Experienced recruitment and marketing team
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Highly trained staff

Our investigators and dedicated research staff are passionate about research and conducting highly compliant and accurate clinical trials.

  • All staff trained for and dedicated to clinical research
  • Experienced Principal Investigators and coordinators
  • Dedicated lab, regulatory, data entry, and quality control staff
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State-of-the-art facilities

Our dedicated research facilities are specifically designed for efficient and compliant research and equipped to handle a wide array of research study needs.

  • Onsite lab & infusion area
  • Pharmaceutical grade refrigerators
  • Cloud based temperature monitoring and excursion alert system
  • Backup power generator systems
  • -80 degree freezers
  • PBMC lab processing capable
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