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The Need

Despite the availability of effective medical measures, it is a sad reality that each day people die from readily preventable and treatable illnesses, largely attributable to lack of access to resources.

Early intervention has globally been demonstrated to significantly reduce disease and to save lives.

Ghana has a population of 29 million. Approximately 12.3% suffer from Hepatitive B (HBV). In the United States, less than 1% of the population are affected.

Deseret Hospital nurse with mother & baby

ACR patient with mother and physician

For every research study volunteer, we will donate $5 to directly benefit the Desert Hospital in Accra, Ghana.

Find a Solution

ACR and Deseret Hospital in Accra, Ghana are collaborating to make a lasting impact on individual and family lives by:

  • Providing timely administration of the "at birth vaccine" against Hepatitis B to at risk newborns.
  • Protecting all newborns seen at Deseret Hospital with the Hepatitis B vaccine, providing them lifelong protection.
  • Administering the Hepatitis B vaccine to nursing students at risk prior to their program admission